Monday, April 23, 2018

Donald Lam and Bertha Cool Investigate the Murder of a Big Game Hunter

When a wealthy client hires the firm of Cool & Lam to ensure that nothing gets stolen from his home on the night of a big party that he's throwing, Bertha Cool insists that she can handle the job all by herself--it will be a piece of cake. Of course anyone who's ever read one of the books in this series understands immediately that something very valuable WILL inevitably be stolen from the party, and Bertha will have gotten the firm into a jam. The reader also realizes, of course, that it will be up to Donald Lam to right the ship. Donald ("that brainy little bastard") fairly quickly recovers the stolen items but then somebody gets killed and the stakes are suddenly raised dramatically.

This is a fairly typical entry in this series. Bertha is her usual greedy, irascible self and Donald will get beaten up a lot while attempting to solve the mysteries involved. He will also attract the attention of several women, including a particularly amorous and adventurous nude model. There's big game hunters, blow guns, poisonous darts, pushy cops and Cool & Lam. A quick, entertaining read.

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