Friday, July 22, 2016

Spenser is on the Hunt for a Kidnapped Child

This is the third book in Robert B. Parker's Spenser series since Ace Atkins took over the franchise, and each of the entries continues to demonstrate the wisdom of the Parker family in turning to Atkins. He's definitely breathed new life into a series that needed it, while maintaining an allegiance to the characters and to the world that Parker created.

In this outing, Spenser is hired by Kinjo Heywood, a ferocious linebacker for the New England Patriots. Someone's been following Heywood; he assumes they're not adoring fans, and he wants Spenser to discourage them. This certainly wouldn't appear to be a major problem for a guy like Spenser, but the game changes dramatically when Heywood's young son, Akira, is kidnapped.

Heywood is devoted to the child and devastated by the fact that someone has taken him. The cops and the F.B.I. are on the job, but Heywood wants Spenser involved as well. Of course Spenser has his own ways of dealing with a situation like this, and he recruits Hawk and Zebulon Sixkill to assist.

The result is another tale with just the right balance of dark humor, violence, thrills and chills. It's always a lot of fun to watch Spenser dealing with a situation like this, and Atkins has created another solid plot for Spencer and the reader to immerse themselves in--much more so than some of the ones crafted in the last few books written by Mr. Parker himself. Clearly Spenser and his legions of fans are in very good hands.

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