Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Very Entertaining Novel of the 87th Precinct

Marilyn Hollis is drop-dead gorgeous and financially independent, thanks, she says, to her wealthy father in Texas. When a man she is dating is poisoned to death, Detective Steve Carella and his associates from the 87th Precinct come calling on Ms. Hollis. She’s sorry to hear the news, but informs the detectives that the victim is only one of the men that she dates. She is very open-minded and free-spirited and expects the same sort of attitude on the part of her beaus.

As almost always happens early on in these books, the detectives are stumped. They prowl through the victim’s life but can’t find anyone who might have wished him harm. Then a second man in Marilyn Hollis’s life comes to an untimely end as does a third. Sensing a pattern here, the detectives hone in on Ms. Hollis and those around her, looking for the perpetrator.

Detective Hal Willis, in particular, hones in on the lovely Ms. Hollis and before long, in violation of what we hope would be department regulations and certainly in violation of common sense, Willis moves in with her, even though she’s a suspect in an ongoing investigation. Willis insists that Marilyn is an innocent victim in all of this and couldn’t possibly be guilty of anything. Steve Carella is not so sure, but Willis seems to be beyond reason in this matter.

This is another good entry in the 87th Precinct series and it’s fun to watch it all play out. Fans of the series will certainly want to look for it.

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