Saturday, January 19, 2019

Seattle Detective Tracy Crosswhite Faces Another Very Challenging and Dangerous Case

The Trapped Girl is another excellent entry in Robert Dugoni's series featuring Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite. The story opens when a high school boy, illegally trapping crabs out of season, pulls up a trap and finds trapped in it the body of a young woman. Crosswhite and her unit are assigned to the case, but even identifying the victim proves difficult, especially when it turns out that the woman had undergone a series of plastic surgeries in an apparent effort to conceal her identity. 

The victim is finally identified as a woman who went missing several months earlier, and the deeper Crosswhite digs into the woman's past, the more confusing the case becomes. As it unfolds, Tracy discovers that there is also a lot of missing money involved in this case and that there are any number of people who want to get their hands on it. Some of them will go to any lengths to do so, and Tracy Crosswhite may find herself squarely in their sights before all is said and done.

Like the other entries in this series, this one moves along at a rapid pace. In attempting to solve this puzzle, Crosswhite will be forced to endure even more than the usual bureaucratic and jurisdictional interference, and she will be reminded once again of the case involving the murder of her own sister that initially set her on the path to becoming a homicide detective.

As Dugoni tells the story, he intersperses chapters from the viewpoint of the victim that gradually reveal the reasons why she found herself in an impossible predicament. This information is doled out at just the right pace and helps keep the pages turning rapidly to yet another explosive climax. Another very good read from Dugoni.

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