Sunday, March 26, 2017

Boston Attorney Brady Coyne Is Drawn into a Case Involving Murder, Drugs and Politics

Boston attorney Brady Coyne has a very small practice consisting of a number of extremely wealthy clients. One of those clients, Tom Baron, is running for the governorship of Massachusetts. Brady won't vote for him, but he will be happy to keep representing him.

In the middle of the campaign, a young high school honor student is strangled to death after having sex with two different men. There's cocaine in her bloodstream, and it's possible that she might not have been the prim little lass that everyone thought they knew. Inconveniently, the victim is the girlfriend of Tom Baron's son. Even more inconveniently, the son, Buddy, has gone missing, and the cops think he might be guilty of murder.

Tom Baron appeals to Brady to help find Buddy. Is Dad more worried about his son, or about the disastrous effect all of this might have on his campaign? Either way, Brady agrees to do what he can and before long, he's up to his neck in trouble. 

This is a well-plotted story that moves along swiftly. It's Brady Coyne's sixth outing, and by now the character is well-established. We know what to expect of him, and it's fun watching him weave his way through the tangled mess he encounters here. As always, there are two or three women competing for Brady's attention, and fortunately, one of them is not Susan Silverman who's entangled with another Boston sleuth of some note. For that, we can all be thankful.

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