Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jack Flippo's Final Case

House of Corrections is the fifth and last book in Doug Swanson’s very entertaining series featuring Dallas P.I., Jack Flippo. In this case, the story mostly takes place in Galveston. Jack gets a late-night call from his mentor and old friend, Wesley Joy. Wesley is in jail, charged with murdering two men in a drug deal gone bad. Wesley’s wife, Angelina, can provide him with the alibi that will prove his innocence, but Angelina has disappeared. Wesley pleads with Jack to find Angelina and save his bacon.

Naturally, Jack is anxious to help. The trail takes him to Galveston where he runs afoul of the typical cast of offbeat characters who populate these novels, including a ditzy newspaper reporter with ambitions much larger than her talent, a DEA agent of questionable provenance, and any number of corrupt law enforcement officers.

Poor Jack doesn’t know who to believe or who to trust and is soon up to his neck in bodies, danger and, happily, some world-class sex. As always, it’s a lot of fun to go along for the ride, and one finishes this book, wishing that Jack Flippo had not had such a relatively short run.

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